ConnecSys is a fully online ecosystem running on Google Cloud so it's accessible from any device on the Earth anytime, anywhere. Your financial data is stored on Google Cloud, secured by the state-of-the-art Google security systems.

Besides the standard offer, adding extra features matching you business needs is a breeze. Oh, one more thing. Because ConnecSys is open for 3rd party development, you can tweak it as you wish. The choice is yours.

Offerky (Beta Testing)

A mobile app for boosting your e-commerce, simplifying offers & subscription management.

issuing an invoice
1. Grow Your Customer Base

Open a new channel and reach your customers with up-to-date offers. Increase your profit through a single sale or subscription model.

documents flying into a computer
2. Make It Easy For Them

People are tired of a never-ending flow of registration forms. Why not make it easier? ONE account, ONE registration form, MANY deals.

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3. ConnecSys Automatisation

Leverage ConnecSys ecosystem that's behind Offerky App. A completed purchase triggers order processing and optionally issues an invoice.


Issue or receive invoices between any ConnecSys accounts with automatic sync into your accounting system. Of course, it works with our mobile app Offerky too.

issuing an invoice
1. Create

Issue an invoice to a customer who has also a ConnecSys account.

documents flying into a computer
2. Click

Click and send the invoice manually or let our mobile app Offerky do it for you.

man laying on the floor working carefree on his lapto
3. Automate

Your customer receives an incoming invoice in her ConnecSys account. Once accepted, she will also benefit from ConnecSys automatisation. This will speed up the payment process and eliminate human error.

Payment Pairing

Get connected and bring payment pairing to a whole new level covering the whole cycle from payment to tax calculation.

payment cards
1. Payment

Use a Stripe account to process incoming payments through our mobile app Offerky. For other payments, use a Revolut account and pay with a Revolut card.

computer syncing files
2. ConnecSys

Once the payment is processed, it'll sync with ConnecSys. ConnecSys, if needed, automatically fills in the most relevant information for you.

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3. Accounting

ConnecSys syncs the transaction with your accounting system and triggers the booking process automatically.

Your Bookkeeping. Fully Online. In-Sync. The Way It Should Be.

Give your bookkeeper peace of mind. Avoid stress, save time and make sure everything is accurate, up-to-date and tax-ready.

ConnecSys standard feature list is constantly growing.