Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate the final price?

The final cost consists from the operation (cloud resources), ConnecSys SaaS pricing, and optional development cost. The price over the fixed cost is fully flexible and is based on the real traffic ranging from 0 to millions of hits, automatically (pay as you go). The development cost is based on the idea you will pay only for those changes that deviate from the standard functionality. Pay only for what is unique for your business.

Why do I need Revolut Business service?

Right now ConnecSys supports only Revolut Business. We focus on banks that are fully digital which enables a smooth integration between the bank and ConnecSys. However, we are planning to put more banks on our list soon.

With Revolut Business you will get a standard IBAN. In December 2018, Revolut secured a specialised bank licence from European Central Bank, facilitated by the Bank of Lithuania, authorising it to accept deposits and offer consumer credits. If you would like to know more about Revolut Google for "what is unique for revolut business".

Revolut Business pricing starts at 0 € monthly, the most popular plan is 25 €. However, you are fine to go with a 0 € plan.

How long does ConnecSys activation process take?

It takes one to seven days to open your Revolut Business account. You can find more information at

Within this timeframe we will prepare for you your own cloud space connected to ConnecSys.

Is my data safe while I migrate to ConnecSys?

Your existing data is not migrated, it remains securely on your servers. ConnecSys will work alongside your existing projects.

What will I do if I run into problems while using ConnecSys?

No problem. You can contact our support at 24/7/365. We're ready to help you.

How many users can use ConnecSys within the monthly payment?

As many as you wish, there's no limit.

Can users work simultaneously?

Yes, of course.

Does the system support other payment system transaction data like xml upload?

Not yet. Functionality of the ecosystem is constantly growing, we might add this later. However, ConnecSys is an open system, so if you can't wait, you can extend it on your own.

Does the system work also offline?

Not now. We are planning to add a partial offline support later. For example you will be able to issue an invoice locally. It will be sent to the customer once you will get online.

What are the ConnecSys system requirements?

All modern & up-to-date browsers are supported on all major operating systems.

How do you count transactions?

By financial entry we mean an issued invoice or processed receipt. You'll get a notification on your contact email once you hit 90% and 100% of the number of transactions for your current contract.

As ConnecSys is operating fully online in Cloud, is my data secure from attacks?

No need to worry. Your data is protected by the same world-class security technology that supports Google's private global network.