Our Vision

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"In the past 10 years of building apps based on Google Cloud, we've realized bookkeeping is an essential, yet, mundane & time-consuming task so businesses often postpone it until later which leads to unnecessary delays that negatively impact their cash flow. Rather than being efficient and taking advantage of the modern technology, bookkeepers and entrepreneurs get frustrated & stuck as they lack real-time overview of what is happening. We want them to get unstuck & work with the confidence that comes from knowing that any financial information they need is only a click away."

- Aurel Medvegy

Our Promise

Times are changing.

The 'Internet Of Things' has become reality.

We all live and thrive in THE CONNECTED ECONOMY.

Bookkeepers deserve to use its benefits too.

That's why we've built CONNECSYS.

It's the way bookkeeping should be.

Unlike other solutions, it champions a true online presence and shifts the way you think about bookkeeping in 2023.




Environment conscious

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